On Research Brass Tacks: A Pre-Evaluation of An Institutional-Driven Farm Tourism Site Development in Southern Philippines

  • Kim Nino G. Cantero
  • Ma. Leslie B. Basallo
  • Julius O. Basallo
  • Queeny Marie B. Abad


Farm tourism spurs rural development that benefits local economies. An institutional-driven farm tourism project is taken into account to capitalize on the anticipated increase in visitor arrivals after COVID-19. This study adheres to the rigorous standards of a descriptive-evaluative research design and a mixed-methods approach. It serves as a preliminary evaluation review on the readiness of an educational institution to develop a rural farm tourism site following the Philippine Department of Tourism's minimum requirements (DOT). Findings reveal that there are subsets in the minimum requirements that bar the initiative to prosper. However, the study presents the determined priority actions and opportunities for further exploration, which serves as research-based evidence for long-term project implementation and actualization


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