On the Relationship between British Contemporary Art and Mass Media from the Perspective of Turner Prize

  • Zhou Chang
  • Norfadilah Kamaruddin


The intervention of British mass media in contemporary art turns contemporary art into a news event in Britain. Some artists and collectors with marketing strategies also use media public opinion to build personal brands, transforming cultural capital into economic capital. Turner Award is the highest award in the field of contemporary visual art in Britain, and as attractive as Oscar Award in the art world. From being unknown to today's highly authoritative art festival, the Turner Prize benefits from the extensive involvement of the media apart from the innovation of the evaluation standard. The resulting upsurge of visits and public discussions has changed the cultural impact of contemporary art on the public, promoted the prosperity of the art market, and made British contemporary art occupy a pivotal position in the world. This article attempts to take the Turner Prize as an example to analyse the relationship between mass media and contemporary art, and the positive and negative influences of mass media on British contemporary art; and to discuss how art would not fall into the trap of media and stick to its self-discipline in today's highly developed mass media.


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