• Research papers should be analytical and may be empirically based (including the use of survey, field study, or case study methods) and theoretically based. Comparative studies of culture and practices among countries in and around the Asian region are strongly encouraged.
  • Manuscripts that present viewpoints should address issues of wide interest among social and management scholars in this region.
  • All contributions must be in English. Emphasis is placed on direct and clearly understood communication, originality, and scholarly merit.
  • Submissions may be made in the form of MS Word files submitted by email to the chief editor. Only original papers will be accepted and copyright of published papers will be vested in the publisher.
  • Manuscripts submitted should be typed with double-spacing and should not exceed 6,000 words. Authors are required to include a cover page indicating the name(s), institutional affiliation (s), address, contact numbers and email of the author(s).
  • Manuscripts must also state clearly acknowledgement to all sponsors and also the contribution of each authors. 


An abstract not exceeding 150 words should be enclosed on a separate sheet, at the beginning of the text. The abstract should provide a statement of the purpose and procedures of the study, including major conclusions of the research. Immediately after the abstract, provide a maximum of five (5) keywords. These keywords will be used for indexing purposes.

The requirements for tables, figures and pictures are as follows: 

  1. State the source of each figure at the end of the caption. For example 'Figure 1: Statistics of ... (source: A. Arthur, 2018)'. if from author, kindly state 'Figure 1: Statistics of ...(source by author)'

Copyright Permissions: Authors should seek necessary permissions for quotations, artwork, boxes or tables taken from other publications or from other freely available sources on the Internet before submission to SRJ. Acknowledgement must be given to the original source in the illustration legend, in a table footnote, or at the end of the quotation. 

  1. Submit an original figure or photograph. Line drawings must be clear, with high black and white contrast. Each figure or photograph should be prepared on a new page, embedded in the manuscript for reviewing to keep the file of the manuscript under 5 MB. These should be numbered consecutively with Roman numerals.  
  2. Figures or photographs must also be submitted separately as TIFF, JPEG, or Excel files- because figures or photographs submitted in low-resolution embedded in the manuscript cannot be accepted for publication. For electronic figures, create your figures using applications that are capable of preparing high resolution TIFF files. In general, we require 300 dpi or higher resolution for coloured and half-tone artwork, and 1200 dpi or higher for line drawings are required. 

Endnotes should be kept to a minimum. Acknowledgement (if any) of no more than 80 words and references should be complete and placed at the end of the manuscript. Samples of entries are as follows;

Book: Williamson, O. (1993). The Nature of the Firm. New York: Oxford Press.

Journal: Zhou, Z.H. (1998). Chinese accounting systems and practices, accounting. Organisations and Society, 13(2), 207-24.

Manuscript submitted to the journal will be initially screened by the editor, to determine its appropriateness. Those considered inappropriate in totality, will be returned to the sender. Only those manuscripts considered appropriate will follow a double blind refereeing process. They will be passed to an editorial board member for appraisal of their value. Additionally, they will be reviewed by an expert in that discipline.


Please e-mail your manuscripts to:

Prof. Dr. Tan Peck Leong


Or e-mail SMRJ’s Secretariat: