Editors-in-Chief : Dr. Mohd Hairi Jalis             

Managing Editor : Suraya Ahmad



Introduced in 2012, e-Academia Journal (e-AJ) is an official journal of Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Terengganu with a registered e-ISSN 2289-6589. It is an open-access journal which published article  is in English.

Since 2020, e-AJ has reviewed its aim and scope from a multidisciplinary to scholarly journal that apply theory and/or concept developed in all type of business operation and management practice and application including the management and service research. e-AJ examines a wide variety of business operation and management behaviour including the utilisation of information communication and technology in work processes and activities within any business setting.



e-AJ seeks empirical investigation advances in:

  • Customer behaviour
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Business marketing
  • e-Commerce Business
  • Business management technology and innovation
  • International business organisation
  • Business Information and communication technology (ICT) advancement
  • Organisation leadership knowledge and skills

We are published for industry practitioners and academic scholars. e-AJ seeks to provide current and most up-to-date research findings from empirical investigations which could be harnessed and applied to practical and theoretical situations within the reality of today’s business and management spectrum.



Starting 2012, e-AJ is published biannually in May and November every year. The publication frequency of the journal does not include special issues.

Call for Papers announcement is released in January/February and July/August in every year. Submissions should adhere to our guidelines.



Based on current practice, the publication process takes approximately within 100 – 120 days. All manuscripts are processed accordingly:

  • Desk review process (within 30 days)
  • Notification for accept or reject for review process to authors (within 10 days)
  • Reviewing process (between 15 and 30 days)
  • Notification of acceptance for final publication (within 15 days after the final revision is done by authors)
  • Copy editing process (within 15 days)
  • Final publication (within 20 days after the date of acceptance)



To ensure the integrity of knowledge contribution and maintain the quality, e-AJ practices a double-blind blind review consisting of at least two to three peer reviewers for every manuscript.

All reviewers from various expertise are on voluntary basic. Author(s) details including name(s) and affiliation(s) will be removed from the manuscript prior reviewer assignment by the editors. This allows fair judgment and more room for constructive feedback provided by the reviewers to the author(s) without any prejudice.



e-AJ is a publication of UiTM Press Universiti Teknologi MARA and publishes peer-reviewed research articles from theory and/or concept developed in all types of business operation and management practice and application including the management and service research biannually. Papers to be contributed should be original and not published or considered as publication elsewhere.


Authors’ details in a manuscript/article should be only persons or individuals who have made a significant contribution to the manuscript/article. Authors are responsible for all statements in articles, including changes made by editors. The corresponding author must be available for correspondence with an editor to answer questions during the editorial process and to approve the edited copy. Authors receive edited typescript for final approval. Changes cannot be made to the copy after the edited version has been approved.


The manuscript/article is original and genuinely research work of the author(s). It has not been published in any publication platforms including journal, website, conference proceeding and chapter-in-book.

Submission should be accompanied by Turnitin/Ouriginal report of less than 30 percent (%) similarity index/score, and should adhere to the manuscript format in author guidelines that can be found in our official website.

e-AJ affirms that ethical publication practices and maintaining journal reputation are critical to ensure the success of development knowledge. Therefore, only high-quality manuscript/article will be considered and accepted for publication.

Duties of Editor-in-Chief

  • Evaluate every manuscripts submitted fairly and solely on their intellectual merit.
  • Ensure confidentiality of manuscripts and not disclose any information regarding manuscripts to anyone other than the people involved in the publishing process.
  • Responsible to decide when and which manuscript is appropriate and suitable to be published.
  • Seek the views of board members, reviewers and authors on how to improve/ increase the image and visibility of the journal.
  • Provide clear instructions to potential contributors to the submission process and what is expected of the authors.
  • Ensure appropriate reviewers are selected/ identified for the reviewing process.
  • Ensure authors only original scholarly academic submission is not plagiarised (i.e. must be appropriately cited or quoted) and has not been published or being considered elsewhere. Appropriate software will be used by the editorial team to check for similarities of submitted manuscripts.


Duties of Editorial Board Members

  • Advise and assist the Editor-in-Chief in the selection process of the manuscript to be published in e-AJ.
  • Evaluate the contents and language of the manuscript that have been selected by the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Provide recommendations in terms of quality and suitability of the manuscript in accordance with the scope of e-AJ.
  • Review and re-evaluate every manuscript that has been revised by the author(s) accordingly.
  • Provide suggestion of improvement for the Editor-in-Chief to make manuscript selection.
  • To give feedback on the quality of the manuscript within any given time;
  • Assist in maintaining the highest standards of quality of the manuscript published with high ethics and competence.
  • Promote to call and obtain manuscripts from research scholars etc. within or outside of the member's institution.
  • To promote e-AJ at appropriate platforms such as conferences, seminars and academic workshops.


Duties of Reviewers

To ensure the high-quality reviews and integrity of published manuscripts by e-AJ, all reviewers are general will be appointed to complete no more than three reviews yearly. Reviewers must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Have a strong English language competency in both verbal and written.
  • Able to complete reviews within given stipulated time/deadline.
  • Provide advice to e-AJ’s editorial board members concerning the publication quality and integrity of manuscripts received.
  • Must not distribute submissions or disclose information provided to others (i.e. third parties) including all research ideas and information gained during the double blind peer review process.
  • Able to maintain professionalism (i.e. no personal attacks or personal criticisms are allowed) and provide constructive feedbacks (i.e. including the comments and suggestions for improvement) to the author(s)



There is no submission and publication charge will be imposed as a way to encourage researchers and authors to share their findings, critical scholarship, and creative practices.

Authors would be notified upon receipt of their papers and subsequently would be informed of the editorial board’s decision regarding publication.



e-AJ provides author benefits, such as free publication in PDFs with unlimited download, copyright policy with eISSN number to protect the intellectual property, and much more.

Please click the Guide for Authors for information on article submission. For more information or if you seek for any assistance, please contact us at eacademia@uitm.edu.my