Selection factors of procurement method for steel building in Sarawak

  • Shi Yee Wong
  • Teing Teing Su
  • Asmah Alia Mohamad Bohari
  • Chih Siong Wong


The selection of procurement methods is usually suggested based on cost, quality, and time considerations. Previous studies have shown that ineffective procurement methods often lead to project budget overruns, delays, or disputes. However, there have been limited studies on the selection factors of procurement methods for steel building. The increasing popularity of steel building construction is significant due to its versatile design and easy installation, which result in time and cost savings. Thus, this study aims to investigate the factors influencing the selection of procurement methods for steel building in Sarawak. Online questionnaire surveys were distributed to the engineers, contractors, and quantity surveyors with experience in steel building construction, yielding 121 valid responses. Descriptive statistics were employed to analyse the data. The findings reveal that price competition and project complexity are the two most significant factors in the procurement of steel buildings. This study could assist stakeholders involved in steel building construction in identifying critical factors for selecting the most appropriate procurement methods, thereby ensuring effectiveness in terms of cost and time, while also reducing the chances of disputes.

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