• N Devarajah Kinta District Health Office, Perak, Ministry of Health MALAYSIA
  • V Paranthaman Greentown Health Clinic, Perak, Ministry of Health MALAYSIA
  • Arvinder-Singh HS Clinical Research Centre, Sungai Buloh Hospital, Ministry of Health MALAYSIA
  • AZ Abidin Kinta District Health Office, Perak, Ministry of Health MALAYSIA


Dengue is one of the most important arthropod-borne viral diseases in terms of public health problem with high morbidity and mortality. To cut early transmission by killing the infected Aedes mosquito, the Vector Unit at the Kinta Health Department had come out with an innovative strategy to conduct and teach indoor aerosol spraying (ISS) using commercially available spray cans to the residents. 

Two localities were observed, one with the ISS technique applied and the other with the conventional fogging techniques. With the use of a pamphlet given to the house residents, the team performed the aerosol spraying within the 50-meter radius of a case house. Later 10 localities that was effected with dengue was selected and those areas where additional ISS was conducted and educated to the community besides the standard procedure. 

No new cases were reported in the locality that ISS technique was used in the control study in the two localities that was observed. For the 10 localities that ISS was introduced, 8 localities had no new case reported and 2 localities had 1 new case reported. This was due to present of infected Aedes mosquito in vegetation surrounding the area where Aedes mosquito love to rest. Expanded strategy was introduced, where outdoor manual fogging and ULV vehicle spraying mainly on vegetation during mosquito non biting hours besides residences area was done and followed by immediate indoor aerosol. By doing these the 2 localities had no new case reported.

The results show that the aerosol spraying demonstration and education clearly had a beneficial effect on the outcome of dengue in the affected areas. The outbreak was controlled and no further cases were detected in those areas with additional intervention as compared to those with standard intervention only.

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