Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Balkan Perspective

  • Syed Harun Jamallullail


This article, deploying data from documentary sources, examines the issues of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in the Balkan’s perspective and the main issues faced by the governments and the refugees. Both Content Analysis and In-depth Interview was done in order to understand the situation in the Balkans. Therefore, articles from various countries in the Balkan peninsular and interviews are conducted with the embassies and expatriates whom are currently in Malaysia. Drawing from the historical and economic situation of the states, it notes that the countries in the Balkan region were the less developed region of Europe. Based on the review of the Balkan’s economy and history, the article argues and concludes that, despite some of the countries in the Balkan peninsular are in the European Union, there are still problems faced by these countries when it comes to the mass influx of the refugees in their own country.

Keywords: denial, xenophobia, euro crisis, Social Marketing Theory

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