Learning Science and Mathematics (LSM) online journal


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Learning Science and Mathematics (LSM) online journal publishes evidence/research-baed papers covering these subjects: teaching and learning of science and mathematics at the primary and secondary levels. Articles related to the current trends of Science/Mathematics teaching and learning in line with SEAMEO’s seven priority areas, United Nation’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs), and so forth, are also acceptable. For example, ‘Project-based Activities’ (PBA), ‘Problem-based Learning’ (PBL), ‘Inquiry-based Science Education’ (IBSE), ‘Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics’ (STEM) and ‘Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics’ (STEAM) related pedagogical approaches supported by digital tools, virtual learning and/or e-platforms  [e.g. blended learning organized by Learning Science and Mathematics Together (LeSMaT) in a borderless world project initiative, URL: http://www.recsam.edu.my/sub_lesmatborderless]. 

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Learning Science and Mathematics (LSM) online journal