Brief introduction of the Journal
Journal of Management & Science published is a peer reviewed journal. Published twice a year June and December. It is a specialized journal and focusing on the result of original research in science, technology and management. The editorial committee of the journal is committed towards ensuring publication of articles that meet high standards through its review process. 

Journal of Management & Science is building upon the work of the former journal of Technology & Management by expanding its scope. From Volume 5 Number 2 Dec 2007 onwards the journal is renamed to the Journal of Management & Science. 

The journal of Management and Science seeks to provide central point for the exchange and disseminating of knowledge and information on issues relevant in field of science, technology and management. The Journal provides wide range of original research on current development and advances in related field of management and science.

The topics covers in this journal include and not restricted to the form of Research articles or report, case studies and also literatures reviews.

The editorial board welcome papers from both academician and practitioners on theories, business models, academic research, and consultancy project as well as organizational practice.