Malaysian Journal Management System (MyJMS) Training 2019

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  • Malaysian Dental Journal

    Discipline(s) / Subdiscipline(s):

    1. Medical & Health Sciences

    • Dentistry
    • Medicine

    Print ISSN: 0126-8023
    Publisher: Malaysian Dental Association
    Publication frequency: 2 time(s) per year
    Alternate site:

    Practice through knowledge

    The Malaysian Dental Journal (MDJ) is the flagship peer-reviewed publication of the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA). MDA has fo-cused its efforts on knowledge and advocacy initiatives and the new MDJ is an essential part of MDA’s knowledge strategy.

    In embracing the new era, MDJ is now in a new and exciting format; a fresher look and most importantly, bringing you the latest evidence in research and industrial innovation right to your daily clinical practice. MDJ focuses and aims to publish review articles that are of benefit to dentists, and publish student research work to make it a niche journal for general dentists and dental students.

    MDJ is upgrading to new online submission system available through Open Journal System (OJS). OJS will assists with every stage of the referred publishing process, starting from submissions through to online publication and indexing.

  • Journal of Malaysian Citation Centre

    Brief introduction of the Journal
    Journal of Management & Science published is a peer reviewed journal. Published twice a year June and December. It is a specialized journal and focusing on the result of original research in science, technology and management. The editorial committee of the journal is committed towards ensuring publication of articles that meet high standards through its review process.

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