Malaysian Journal Management System Training 2018

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    Journal of Islamic Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Malaysian Applied Biology

    Since 1977, the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology has been publishing a journal entitled MALAYSIAN APPLIED BIOLOGY twice yearly. This journal was previously known as MALAYSIAN AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH from 1973 to 1976
  • Journal of Engineering Science and Technology

    JESTEC (Journal of Engineering Science and Technology) is a peer-reviewed journal that aims at the publication and dissemination of original research articles on the latest developments in all fields of engineering science and technology. The journal publishes original papers in English which contribute to the understanding of engineering science and improvement of the engineering technology and education. Papers may be theoretical (including computational), experimental or both. The contribution should be unpublished before and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

    Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (JESTEC) maintains a standard double-blind peer review process. The double-blind process means that the identity of the author and the reviewer are not known to each other.

    JESTEC is an Open Access Journal, and does not charge readers or their institutions for access to the journal articles. The open access supports the rights of users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles provided they are properly acknowledged and cited.

    Except the requests for special issues, JESTEC has no article submission and processing charges

  • International Journal of Language Education and Applied Linguistics

    The International Journal of Language Education and Applied Linguistics (IJLEAL) is an open access peer-reviewed international journal that welcomes global submissions. Authors are encouraged to submit articles for the dissemination of knowledge on topics relevant to language education and applied linguistics. This journal invites research and intellectual discussions on issues of language education and applied linguistics of any language. 

    Topics that may be treated from the perspective of Language Education include, but not limited to the following areas: teaching and learning approaches, language acquisition, curriculum development, language policy and planning, andragogy and language learning, testing and evaluation, second language acquisition, materials design and development, and emergent technologies in language education.

    Topics that may be treated from the perspective of Applied Linguistics include, but not limited to the following areas: language development, language disorders, bilingualism and multilingualism, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, translation and interpretation, computer-mediated communication, linguistics and communicative competence, language in society, language variation and linguistic discrimination, language conflict, professional practice, and workplace and intercultural interaction.

  • Malaysian Journal of Pathology

    The Malaysian Journal of Pathology is the official journal of the College of Pathologists, Academy of Medicine Malaysia. The primary purpose of The Journal is to publish the results of study and research in Pathology, especially those that have particular relevance to human disease occurring in Malaysia and other countries in this region. The term PATHOLOGY will be interpreted in its broadest sense to include Chemical Pathology, Cytology, Experimental Pathology, Forensic Pathology, Haematology, Histopathology, Immunology, Medical Microbiology and Parasitology. The Journal aims to bring under one cover publications of regional interest embracing the various sub-specialities of Pathology. It is expected that the articles published would be of value not only to pathologists, but also to medical practitioners in search of a scientific basis for the problems encountered in their practice, and to those with an interest in diseases which occur in the tropics.

    Publications are peer-reviewed. The Journal is listed in Index Medicus/ PubMed, Science Citation Index Expanded, SciSearch, Scopus, the Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM), and can be accessed through the Medline online database and its website

    Click here for the instructions of the submission of manuscripts.

  • Kanun:Jurnal Undang-undang Malaysia

    Kanun diterbitkan setiap tiga bulan sejak Disember 1989. Kini Kanun diterbitkan dua kali setahun, iaitu pada bulan Jun dan Disember. Kanun (Jurnal Undang-undang Malaysia) mengambil namanya daripada judul sebuah karya undang-undang dalam masyarakat Melayu tradisional. Pendapat yang dikemukakan dalam jurnal ini merupakan pendapat penulis dan tidak semestinya mencerminkan pandangan Sidang Editor atau Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Segala sumbangan yang dikirimkan, sama ada disiarkan atau tidak, tidak akan dikembalikan. Sidang Editor juga tidak bertanggungjawab terhadap kehilangan tulisan atau karya yang dikirimkan melalui pos.

  • Malay Literature

    Malay Literature is a biannual publication by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Malay Literature is a refereed journal, issued every June and December. The aim of this journal is to explore and deliberate on issues related to Malay literature. Views expressed in this journal rest exclusively with the individual authors. The interpretations do not necessarily represent those of the Editorial Board of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.
  • Jurnal Bahasa

    Jurnal Bahasa merupakan jurnal berwasit yang diterbitkan dua kali setahun, iaitu pada bulan Jun dan Disember oleh Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Terbitan pertama bermula pada bulan Mac 2001.

    Tujuan jurnal ini adalah untuk mengembangkan bidang linguistik dalam bahasa Melayu. Jurnal ini menjadi wadah kepada ahli linguistik membentangkan pandangan dan penemuan mereka dalam bidang linguistik. Pelbagai aspek bidang bahasa seperti peristilahan, perkamusan, tatabahasa, dialektologi, entimologi, ejaan, pangkalan data kebangsaan dan kosa kata dibincangkan dalam jurnal ini. Sesuai dijadikan sebagai bahan bacaan dan sumber rujukan ahli linguistik, guru bahasa, siswa dan para ilmuwan.

    Jurnal Bahasa diindekskan dalam MyJurnal, MyCite dan Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC)

  • Journal of Tropical Forest Science

    The Journal of Tropical Forest Science (JTFS) is an international reviewed journal concerning the science, technology and development of tropical forests and forest products. The journal welcomes articles reporting original fundamental or applied research on tropical forest biology, ecology, chemistry, management, silviculture, conservation, utilization and product development. The journal is published four times a year, i.e. January, April, July and October.

    Copyright by the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). All rights reserved. All materials appearing on the FRIM web server ( may not be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, for reasons other than personal use, without prior written permission of the publisher.

  • Malaysian Dental Journal

    Discipline(s) / Subdiscipline(s):

    1. Medical & Health Sciences

    • Dentistry
    • Medicine

    Print ISSN: 0126-8023
    Publisher: Malaysian Dental Association
    Publication frequency: 2 time(s) per year
    Alternate site:

    Practice through knowledge

    The Malaysian Dental Journal (MDJ) is the flagship peer-reviewed publication of the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA). MDA has fo-cused its efforts on knowledge and advocacy initiatives and the new MDJ is an essential part of MDA’s knowledge strategy.

    In embracing the new era, MDJ is now in a new and exciting format; a fresher look and most importantly, bringing you the latest evidence in research and industrial innovation right to your daily clinical practice. MDJ focuses and aims to publish review articles that are of benefit to dentists, and publish student research work to make it a niche journal for general dentists and dental students.

    MDJ is upgrading to new online submission system available through Open Journal System (OJS). OJS will assists with every stage of the referred publishing process, starting from submissions through to online publication and indexing.

  • Journal of Malaysian Citation Centre

    This journal is just a mock-up for MyJMS testing and training purposes.

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