Global Summit on Education is the process of synthesizing the understanding of multiple knowledge disciplines into a common knowledge perspective. They include, but are not limited to the integration of cultural, societal, theological and scientific perspectives of knowledge.

Philosophically, Summit on Education is the process of incorporating new information into a body of existing knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach. This process involves determining how the new information and the existing knowledge interact, how existing knowledge should be modified to accommodate the new information, and how the new information should be modified in light of the existing knowledge.


To be published GSE E-JOURNAL OF EDUCATION, a manuscript must make strong empirical and theatrical contributions and highlight the significance of those contributions to the Summit On Education field. Thus, preference is given to submissions that test, extend, or build strong theoretical frameworks while empirically examining issues with high importance for management theory and practice.


International e-Journal of the Summit On Education
The Secretariat would like to express their heartfelt appreciation for the contributions made by the authors, co-authors, reviewers and all who involved in this conference.


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