The International Journal for Educational Sciences and Language Arts (ESLA) is a peer reviewed international journal published twice a year. The journal is committed to explore and highlight issues primarily in educational sciences, language arts and social sciences.

ESLA welcomes contributions on creative practices (but are not limited to) the following aspects:

• Teaching with technology

• Learning with technology

• Mobile learning

• E-Learning technology

• Multimedia based learning

• Computer assisted language learning (CALL)

• E-Learning innovation

• Management and best practices in e-learning

• Bench marking in e-learning

• E-learning curriculum

• Assessment in e-learning

• Administration and leadership in e-learning

• Second/foreign language pedagogy

• Language and technology

• Language assessment and evaluation

• Culture and language teaching

• Language and learner characteristics

• Language planning and policy

• Reading

• Writing

• Literacy

Research papers within the scope of teaching and learning languages (spoken or non-spoken), including computer language, mathematical language, music language, sign language, and others that are deemed relevant to the journal, will also be considered.