The Limit Of Sufficiency Of The Zakat And Its Components And The Extent Of Their Difference According To Time And Place

  • Hamza Abed Al-Karim Hammad Assistant Professor


The problem of the study is focused on the definition of adequacy and the jurisprudential treatment of the issue of wealth limit which prevents the introduction of Zakat, in addition to the statement of the limit officer and the extrapolation of the elements presented by the previous jurists. Also the study docused  on a reading of the new elements that can be entered to this extent.This study has followed the method of comparative jurisprudence study in addition to the analytical descriptive method of the texts of jurists. The study has reached a number of results; the most important of which is that the sufficiency is: the needs of the original man, which leads to the loss of the human being such as the expense and the housing, or recognition as religion, and also concluded that the adequacy varies according to time and place and people. For a Muslim, this varies depending on the time and place. The elements of sufficiency are: dress, food, drink, housing, furniture, and the house, and this is bound to be suitable for him, the horse, the books, the tools of industry, the craft, and the marriage. The study has found out that there are some new elements that could fall within the purview of  limit of sufficiency  namely: treatment and treatment, education in schools and universities, car, communication means, computers, mobile computers, home appliances.

Keywords: Zakat, limit, sufficiency, time, place.

Author Biography

Hamza Abed Al-Karim Hammad, Assistant Professor

Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies, College of Law, United Arab Emirates University

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HAMMAD, Hamza Abed Al-Karim. The Limit Of Sufficiency Of The Zakat And Its Components And The Extent Of Their Difference According To Time And Place. Al-Qanatir: International Journal of Islamic Studies, [S.l.], v. 7, n. 2, p. 22-45, sep. 2017. ISSN 2289-9944. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 18 feb. 2018.

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