Heavy Metal Uptake By Pseudomonas Sp. And Entrobacter Sp. And It Growth Rate Using Synthetic Water

  • Sarinah Ali Politeknik Melaka
  • Umavathy Arumugam Politeknik Melaka
  • Suriani Nasution Padzlan Politeknik Melaka


Heavy metal pollution from development and human activities, badly impacts to human health. Chemical and physical treatment are the recently method used in heavy metal treatment. This research conducted the study on heavy metal removal by (Pseudomonas sp. and Entrobacter sp.) isolated from river. Heavy metal employed included sample of concentration of higher heavy metals such as Fe, Al, Mn and Cd obtained at initial. Synthetic water used to in this study to examine the effect of heavy metal removal and bacteria mass growth rate. Heterotrophic plate count with spread method used to isolate these two species using gram stain technique. Agar nutrient (LB) and EMB agar were used. Both bacteria placed in bioreactor which is aerobic for Pseudomonas sp. and anaerobic for Entrobacter sp. at different temperature which is 25°C and 38°C until 8 days. The biomass or pellet of bacteria was weight for 10 days to obtained the best condition of temperature and the trend of growth rate of these bacteria. Maximum uptake of Fe, Al, Mn and Cd were obtained for day 6 from initial concentration by pseudomonas sp. was 98.17% (25°C), 84.20% (38°C), 66.88% (38°C) and just 40% reduction from day 4 to 6 (25°C) respectively. For Entrobacter sp. the best removal was 98.26% (25°C), 94.81% (25°C), 75% (25°C) and no removal for Cadmium noted. Results showed that, referred to the biomass of bacteria taken and the graph trend using implementation of cubic polynomial and R2 standard deviations, shows that 25°C temperature gave the best conditions of for these two species of bacteria growth rate.

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ALI, Sarinah; ARUMUGAM, Umavathy; NASUTION PADZLAN, Suriani. Heavy Metal Uptake By Pseudomonas Sp. And Entrobacter Sp. And It Growth Rate Using Synthetic Water. Politeknik & Kolej Komuniti Journal of Engineering and Technology, [S.l.], v. 3, n. 1, p. 64-80, dec. 2018. ISSN 0128-2883. Available at: <http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/PMJET/article/view/4589>. Date accessed: 18 aug. 2019.