International Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems Research (IEESR) cordially welcomes and acknowledges high quality manuscripts of the latest conceptual, empirical and theoretical research findings in the areas of electrical and electronic systems. IEESR is an international peer reviewed journal seeking innovation, creativity and novelty availed as the solutions and improvisation for problems, issues and challenges related to the electrical and electronics systems engineering. This is an online journal providing access to wider audience with common interest in promoting the discovery, innovation, advancement and dissemination of latest technologies and concepts in the aforementioned disciplines. The submitted paper should be original, heretofore unpublished works and not currently under review in any conference, workshop or journal. However, authors can submit the extended version of previously published papers. Decision of Editor-in-Chief to publish the manuscript is dependent on the quality of its contents peer reviewed by experts in the respective fields. The Editorial Board comprising of academia as well as engineer and consultant serving in the industries will provide guidance towards the betterment in future development of this journal. Several efforts have been perpetrated to promote our journal across the globe with expectancy that our journal will act as a platform for researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students to publish their findings.


Submissions of manuscript are welcome in these broad areas of electrical and electronic systems engineering:

  • Electronics Engineering.
  • Electrical Power Engineering.
  • Communications Engineering.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Systems Engineering.
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering Education.
  • Material Sciences and Applications.
  • Microwave Technology.
  • Biomedical Engineering


Upon submission of manuscript to the IEESR,

  1. All of the terms and conditions which may change from time to time are indirectly agreed and admitted by the authors.
  2. The original contents of manuscript is allowed to be edited, published and distributed by IEESR.
  3. Any violation of copyright or law emanating from the published research work shall be borne entirely by the authors.
  4. Authors are responsible for any malpractices such as plagiarism and parallel submission of the same manuscripts in other journal publisher along with IEESR.
  5. Before publication, the research work presented in the manuscript must be approved in advance by the employer or the respective authority.
  6. IEESR have the right to cancel publication of the manuscript without providing cost compensation associated with preparation of the manuscript. Therefore, the manuscript will not be displayed in the IEESR website without any notice at any time.
  7. IEESR will not take responsibility for the delay in publishing the manuscript through online system.